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Meet Angie Chirino  


I was born and raised in Miami.  As the eldest daughter of Cuban musician, composer, producer and human rights activist Willy Chirino, I lived a life surrounded by music and entertainment, so it was only natural that my professional career began in this field as a performer myself. I went on to become a songwriter, penning hits for some of the most recognized names in the Latin music industry such as Gloria Estefan, Marc Anthony and Celia Cruz.  My work achieved notable Billboard success and in 2000, I was awarded the “Song of the Year” Latin Grammy. However, as a single mom, I felt a strong urging to focus on raising my daughter as well as living a life of greater purpose. I walked away from my glamorous entertainment career and took a job working with special needs children as a Paraprofessional with Miami-Dade County Public Schools, a position that I held for eleven years.

In 2016, I joined the staff at Voices For Children Foundation, an organization that serves children in foster care in Miami Dade County through the Guardian ad Litem program. My work involves stewarding donors, speaking publicly about the organization and creating content to raise awareness and engage the public in order to help this vulnerable population. More importantly, I myself am a volunteer Guardian ad Litem. I work with children going through the dependency process and other youth at risk. I mentor young women who are survivors of human trafficking and connect them with members of the community who can make a difference in their lives by providing opportunities that allow them to see a glimpse of what they might be able to accomplish with hard work, determination and a helping hand.  Through these experiences I strive to create a new vision within them to rise above their circumstances and feel empowered to follow their dreams.  This is how I live my purpose every day.

As the daughter of Cuban political refugees, I grew up determined to someday help bring real change to Cuba. My parents came to this country with only the clothes on their backs, so my family had to put any political agenda on the back burner. Thankfully, my father became a very successful musician, I raised a beautiful daughter as a single mom and graduated from FIU as an adult.  I now have a successful career in non-profit and have dedicated myself to helping the community.  I feel that I am in a place in my life in which I am able to continue my father’s legacy as a voice for human rights, bring it to the front of our family’s agenda, and with your vote, to the United States Congress. I seek to be the representative that is the true voice of District 27 and I am ready to work hard to have that voice heard in Washington

I obtained my B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies from Florida International University in April of 2017 and am currently working on my MBA.

Alongside my family, representing my constituents in Congress will be the greatest privilege of my life. I hope you will allow me that privilege by giving me your vote on November 6th, 2018.

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Mailing Address:
8210 SW 138th Ave
Miami, FL 33183

Phone: 305-748-3154
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